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[The faction information that follows is not directly gameplay relevant. The next few paragraphs are meant to give you an idea about the cards structure and some general info about our Battalia Universe and should be treated like a flavor text. For more details about how to play this game, please refer to the rulebook into the RULES section.]



called INSULARES in the ancient tongue

Hundreds of small islands are inhabited by the amphibian folk of the depths and the water. It took many centuries, some say even millenia, but finally it happened – this marvelous mutation, the gift of the nature sent to them in the form of specific gills and fins, which gave the Islanders the chance to survive under water, into the deep Blue-green of the Emerald lakes.

The Islander frimen called Crystal Blades are the caste of the finest craftsman and smithies known over the lands of Battalia, which are able to create the undestroyable, transparent weapons made by turquoise crystals extracted from the bottom of the lakes. Born to breath under water, to mine under the lake surface and to craft miracles on their stone anvils  – those frimen are the best weapon and artefact builders of the known lands…


The water chiefs spent almost a quarter of their lives in the depths, with the only purpose to breed and train for riding over the lake surface and even on land their majestic creatures. Everybody around calls them the Great Hydra Riders and admires the chiefs for their impressive fighting skills.


Mysterious high priests are also dwelling on the islands – the Dreamwanderer. They sleep for hours under water spreading a foretelling aura, like fall into the Deep Emerald Dream and see fragments of some possible future. They always tell stories, which are to be remembered and if they give you an advice, you had better listen to them.


The Islanders are lead by The Tide – a noble class of Lords and Ladies, which are successor of the First, who got the Gift and became amphibian… They are the most advanced underwater swimmers among their people and earned through the ages a lot of respect and social status, because of those superior abilities. Their fighting skills are also very famous. Old veterans always used to say: “You’d better run, if you hear that the Tide is coming!”


Did you ever see a Water Mount? Those incredible creatures, summoned horses from the depths of the lakes, which are able to travel without exertion hundreds of miles over land and water and are used for transportation…
Many centuries ago the Islander high priests were used to hold a sacred underwater rituals and to create powerful artefacts, where they locked the power of faction transformation. They called the scrolls Letters of Magic and put them in giant crystal bottles, which they later threw in the water! Just to be found as a proof of courage in the dark and deep water caves by the bravest warriors, which would dare to glance at The many-faces Hydra, the goddess and guardian of the caves. One brave gaze pointed to variety of cold and freezing eyes!


THE CRYSTAL VOW: Lake water remains, emerald blood in our veins!