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Stephen asked 5 years ago

1. Can the Hammer of Strato be used as a tent?
or could you use your amulated 6 wild card as a tent?
2. Can you tent stardust or kings and queens?
3. When you retreat from battle and do not get attacked again do you fill up your hand to 6 cards? 

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battalia Staff answered 5 years ago

Hi Stephen,

1. Yes, but it doesn’t make sense in the long term, since the transformation of the hammer lasts only till the end of the current turn – so you could say “this will be a tent now” and station a card inside, but at the end of the day the “carriage transforms back to a pumpkin” and everything will be discarded. There could be some use of it, for example, if you expect an attack till the end of the round from opponent after you, so you could try to be better prepared for it, but it’s a rare case of good usage.

2. Yes sure, you can station any type of cards (besides terrains and GAs) in a tent. Practically all cards from your creation deck beside Great Artefacts, since they do not interact with other artefacts at all.

3. Yes, the general rule from the basic game says: “The defender fills his hand up to 6 cards (no matter how many cards used in combat) AT THE END of his attacker’s turn – not earlier and not immediately after the battle!!!.”  This applies also to the case of retreat. Please see the rules update regarding the RETREAT at the end of the Stormgates expansion rule book.

Greetings, Alex!