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[The faction information that follows is not directly gameplay relevant. The next few paragraphs are meant to give you an idea about the cards structure and some general info about our Battalia Universe and should be treated like a flavor text. For more details about how to play this game, please refer to the rulebook into the RULES section.]



called URSINA GENS in the ancient tongue

Have you ever set a foot into the forest, then you will know for sure about the Bärfolk! They cannot be overlooked :). Actually this statement is not exactly right, because they can, but only if they want to.. since finally the friends of the bears are the sworn rangers of the earth and forest and they are able to blend perfectly into the natural surroundings.

Have you ever heard the following sentence: “Watch your back, when the claws are dancing!” It means that the forest scouts are on the run and everybody has to expect the unexpectable. Those frimen are known as the Dancing Claws.


And if you need a ride in the forest, you should ask the war chiefsThe Bear Riders. There is not such a quick, pleasant and secure way to travel as on the back of a bear. But, you know what? They are not used mainly for traveling. You will surely know that after hearing their first war cry, the sounds of the horns blowing and the roars of the beasts, all mixed with the whispers of the woods… Then you will know – they are here to fight, to conquer, to win – men and beasts bond in their minds, born with one soul!


And finally who knows those bears better than the tribal priestsThe Skinchanger. Who is able to slip into the animals minds, to learn how they feel, what they think and at the end to try taking control of their actions. Never in abusive manner, always asking, waiting, learning, knowing… and accepting, if allowed. Only that way you can see a perfect harmony between man and bear during raging fight or peaceful task of creation…


If we follow further the social thread of the Bärfolk, we will reach to The Roots – the Nobility of the woods.The Lords of the forest are wise and cunning, mighty on the battlefield, waggish on the feasting table and always clever, when sitting in the Branch Council. Of course they are not so delicate and far away from perfect (with one exception, just take a look at their Ladies…). But who is to blame, when you like so much the good honey ale, the strawberry smoke of the pipes and a fat piece of boar meat on the table? They used to say: “The call of the forest that might be! “


In times of war, when big armies are on the march or heroes need support for traveling, the chiefs are calling the Forest Steeds – not just horses – majestic unicorns, who might be able to carry unbelievable weight on their backs and travel fast and silent as a sun beam.
Once you’ve been in the woods, you may hear the stories about  flesh conversion by daylight on a simple forest clearing. Yes, they can do that! They use the ancient spells from the Runic Boards – the holy words of the eternal scrolls carved with green light into the timber and spoken  under the sacred crown of The Oak that roots


THE OAK OATH: Together we grow, man and beast with one soul!