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[The faction information that follows is not directly gameplay relevant. The next few paragraphs are meant to give you an idea about the cards structure and some general info about our Battalia Universe and should be treated like a flavor text. For more details about how to play this game, please refer to the rulebook into the RULES section.]



called FAVILLARIIĀ in the ancient tongue

There is no ancient tale missing the stories about the great Emberian combat frimen. Flame Warriors they call them and when it comes to battle, everyone shows respect for their passion, toughness and artful fighting style. Living in the dusty Red Canyons they learned how to survive in the harsh environment, how to protect themselves against the sand storms, how to build their well defended cities, digging directly into the soft red rocks and carving them to stable gates, pillars and walls.


Do you know how to train a phoenix – this giant flaming, red and hot bird, which is proud and more stubborn than an ox? The answer is simple: you need to really burn inside, alight a fire from your flesh and keep the Heat into your heart forever. If you can do that, then you become already a Proud Phoenix Rider, like the furious war chiefs and every fire-bird will follow you with admiration. But it is not easy to become one of them, you have to be born with the glowing ember in your heart. Then when you are young, you have to learn to control the liquid fire in your blood, to light up the embers with the power of your mind and use it, only if needed. It can be dangerous and inconvenient sometimes…


In the first couple of years all young fellows even feel the hotness on their skin and have to cool down quickly their temper, just to avoid burning their untrained body. With the time if they manage to achieve the needed level of control and if they show some special talents wielding the glow inside their body, they could apply to join the sacred order of the Heatspellers. The battle priests, which dwell in the highest chambers of the Redstone monastery, directly above the Glowing Circle of the Holy Oracle. They spent the most time of their lives training to accumulate huge amount of fire energy inside their body and release it in precise calculated portions at will.


A small part of the Emberian people doesn’t need to learn anything about the fire. They say, they are born with the spark in their minds and can wield the heat since their childhood. When a baby sees the world for the first time and no living chamber is accidentally set on fire, they just know – a new member of The Glow was born. To be part of the Emberian aristocracy, you don’t have to follow a long blood line back in your house history, you just have to be born with the Spark! Fire Lords are not kinsmen by birth, but mostly by the fate! They are strong, fierce and not forgiving. Try to outsmart them and you will learn a lesson for life. Common people used to say:
“Don’t mess your fingers with the Glow, or they will burn your hands!”


Yes, strange people are the Emberians and every visitor from a foreign land would encounter a bunch of miracles here. Just another fantastic example: Ember Stallion don’t need to feed on grass, they suck on the mothers flames and grow only for days.
Buried deep down in the heart of the canyons you can find the Fire Scrolls – the old magic about the shape changes, created by the Heatspellers and blessed for eternity by
the Mighty Heatkeeper himself!


THE EMBER SACRAMENT: Burning inside, glowing outside!