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[ The faction information that follows is not directly gameplay relevant. The next few paragraphs are meant to give you an idea about the cards structure and some general info about our Battalia Universe and should be treated like a flavor text. For more details about how to play this game, please refer to the rulebook into the RULES section.]



called NEBULONES in the ancient tongue

Let me introduce you to the sublime folk of the heights and the air. Living for centuries on the top of the mountains and creating their cities around the highest peaks, the Cloudborn became passionate builders and learned the art of the finest constructions and architecture.

The Air Swimmers, their traveling stonemasons are the most famous among all friman inhabiting Battalia, exactly due to their consummate building skills. The monumental cities connected through marvelous bridges to the surrounding hills are built in an open and stylish manner on huge platforms with the purpose of facilitating the landing of the giant eagles and the other air mounts.


Dwelling in the heights the Cloudborn created over the years a very special connection to all kind of birds and especially to their Flying Fighting Legions. Led by the brave Eagle Rider Chiefs they rely exclusively on the monstrous rapacious birds like King Eagles, Golden Falcons, Blue Hawks and Merlin Scouts


Extremely intelligent White Owls accompany on their knowledge journey the Windtalkers – the sophisticated high priests and curious engineer of this faction. The clever birds offer mentally their great wisdom when it comes to developing and constructing the fascinating wooden aircraft or small technical gadgets and ranged weapons of the Cloudborn. But their wits are not the only power the Windtalkers possess. The elders say, that they can talk to the winds and know how to rule the air wielding magical powers.


Their highborn caste called The Wings is representing the superior lords and ladies, which draw strength from their proud social status, military skills and knowledge.


The Cloudborn are very skilled in gold casting and forging. You can see the golden gates and landing platforms from many miles away.
Their breed of flying horses is called Storm Mares and is well known far and wide for the strength of its majestic wings. To summon a Storm Mare for support every war chief needs a blessed feather of a King Eagle.
Battalian lords of the air locked their ancient powers of change and transformations in the form of magical scrolls called Stone scripts, which are hidden high in the mountain passes, designated by the Cloudborn sigil: The Feather Vortex


SACRED WORDS: Lighter than a feather, sharper than a claw!