ATTENTION: All rules for the miniature packs from our NCBC (Neutral Characters Battalia Collection) will be available here for download soon. We will start uploading them in a sequence in Q1 2018 earliest after finishing the delivery of our BIG!Expansion to the Kickstarter backers from the second campaign Battalia: The Stormgates. Meanwhile we are still working on the final details from the rules, polishing them and final balancing their effects for best possible results and amusing gameplay! Thanks in advance for your patience ūüôā !

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 BATTALIA: The Stormgates РBETA RULE BOOK РCEdition 2016/2017

This is a beta of the CEdition¬†rule book for the BIG!Expansion. Due to our experience we know, that so many things are changing during one Kickstarter campaign, so we didn’t finished the rule book on purpose. It will be translated in many languages, properly layouted and updated after campaign’s end. This approach saves a lot of time and efforts on our end, otherwise we have to do so many things twice – many thanks in advance for your understanding! But this PDF file gives enough information and detailed overview about all integrated game mechanics.


RULE BOOK – CEdition 2015/2016

The CEdition is the latest version available and is identical with the officially published version of the rules 2015/2016 in English / German / Bulgarian / Polish. In a separate section down below you will find translations of the prototype version of the rules in another 12 languages, which were done during the Kickstarter campaign and are still on an earlier stage of development. The main and the almost only difference is: the prototype version doesn’t include any rules or pictures of Kickstarter extras (unlocked stretch goals), since they came later, for example “The Unbound Faction” or all volcano rules for¬†“The Bleeding Horn Of Destiny”.
But … the old version of the rules includes some interesting ideas about house game scenarios / game modes, which are not included in the CEdition version due to some space reasons. We have even much more ideas “in the pocket” for the upcoming expansions, but for now you could try those to increase the replayability of your games!
Check from time to time the version you have, if needed we would upload small updates or errata. It is possible that more language versions will appear with the time (no guarantee for every country).

Р08.09.2016 РDutch version of the CEdition rules added to this section. Not officially published yet, available as digital copy thanks to the gracious efforts of Kevin Leirens.



A great additional aid for beginners – 12 x 18 cm. They are double sided and describe all the artefact abilities, all the creation costs, a player’s turn sequence and some important rules!
Check from time to time the version you have, if needed we would upload small updates or errata. It is possible that more language versions will appear with the time (no guarantee for every country).



In this section we will make available only for online download in high resolution (print ready) special rules for additional bonus components, which we do not intend to publish in a classic paper version.
Check from time to time the version you have, if needed we would upload small updates or errata. It is possible that more language versions will appear with the time (no guarantee for every country).



Please click on the picture to download a PDF version of the file with the rules.

English: The Hero sheets introduce unique powers to the different heroes in the game – the long awaited faction specific abilities.¬†Each¬†hero has 3 own special abilities (skills) separated in 3 levels….

German: Jedes Volk hat seine Helden. Ihre einzigartigen Kr√§fte werden auf den Heldenb√∂gen aufgef√ľhrt ‚Äď dies sind die langerwarteten spezifischen¬†Fraktionsf√§higkeiten. Jeder Held hat 3 eigene Spezialf√§higkeiten (Fertigkeiten), aufgeteilt in 3 Stufen….



Please click on the picture to download a PDF version of the file with the rules.

English: The Unbound Buff is the terrifying leader of a mercenary boarder-landers horde. The horde raids the lands of the Sun Oracle from the outskirts, making trouble to the less generous players. But if a player is willing to spend some resources, the Unbound Buff could leave him be or even become his valuable ally.

German: Buff der Entfesselte ist der furchterregende Anf√ľhrer einer Horde S√∂ldner aus den Grenzlanden. Diese Horde √ľberf√§llt aus den Randgebieten kommend die Lande des Sonnenorakels und bereitet den weniger freigiebigen Spielern √Ąrger. Aber wenn ein Spieler bereit ist einige seiner Ressourcen abzugeben dann wird Buff der Entfesselte ihn in Ruhe lassen oder sogar ein wertvoller Verb√ľndeter werden.



This is a version of the completely ready rules on the stage of our Kickstarter campaign. The rules are not incomplete or incorrect, there are also no known bugs in them, but they do not include some Kickstarter bonus materials, which came later through the campaign itself and were published in the official CEdition of Battalia. We uploaded these older rules because of two reasons:

First we have here a plenty of language choices (still not available in the CEdition version) made by our DREAM TEAM of international translators during the campaign. Please note that all¬†of these translations are not “professionally” edited or officially published in any form different from those PDFs. But all of them are made with passion and a lot of hard work, thanks to all the awesome people who helped us during the campaign to make the game rules available in so many languages. It is theoretically¬†possible to find some small typos or insignificant misinterpretations in those rules, but you have the original English version from us as reference and finally the main goal at that point¬†was¬†to make the game understandable in a first line for as many players as possible around the globe…. and we’ve made it together. So please don’t be too harsh in your “criticism” and note that we are not able to check personally the quality of the translation in so many languages (many of them unfortunately not spoken from any member of our Fantasmagoria team). But we can guarantee that the translators gave their BEST and we are pretty sure that the final result is great and very, very close to the original. Thank you Dream Team¬†again and again!

The second reason to upload the older rules here, is because they include on page 11 some nice ideas for alternative game modes, house rules or small scenarios. Those were excluded later from the CEdition version due to some practical space problems in the rule book and due to production limitations. (You can download those alternative rules also as a separate PDF sheet from the section down below. We plan to add even some new ideas with the time there. So keep an eye open on this page …)
In general we do not plan to publish newer versions of the older rule books. If new language versions should appear with the time, they will be updated and directly uploaded above in the general CEdition section at the beginning of this page.



Here you can download files describing our additional ideas or fan made scenarios, clever suggestions in form from house rules, etc… You can send us always translations and if they fit in the layout of our files and if possible we will produce for you¬†different language versions. Please note that the layouting takes time and sometimes our small team is¬†too occupied with other tasks, so our response could take time from couple of hours up to couple of weeks. It is always very variable¬†and it depends on the time of the year and our current occupation. Thanks for understanding.

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