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stephen asked 5 years ago

first off, we love playing with the ruin gaurds, we like the idea of getting unlimited great artifacts
do you think their should be a limit to how many you can get per turn, one game my opponent who was red had both heroes on the ruins and was accumulating many great artifacts especially with the ability to attack without a weapon
if you lose to the ruin gaurds and the great artifact you give up is in your hand would you lose a card or draw 1 extra to fill up to 6?
with greens free movement and the metemorpha ability on green terrain would you be able to use the free movement to jump through a storm gate? i was playing green and i made up a rule that you still had to pay 1 supply for the jump because i thought green would be really powerful otherwise. would love to hear your thoughts,

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battalia Staff answered 5 years ago

Hi again:),

  1. in general, we didn’t set a restriction in terms of the number of the GAs in the Ruin Guards mini-scenario (during the play tests it never revealed as a real problem – it was always like a self-resolving small issue). But I could imagine that in some cases it would make sense to restrict them = for example, every player is allowed to keep not more GAs than the player count on the table (for larger player groups). Or maximum the double of the player count in situations with 2 or maybe 3 players only. This is a question of playstyle – in my opinion, if a player focuses himself too much on the GAs topic, he would lose time and miss some other important opportunities.
  2. If you lose a GA to the Ruin Guards you never draw a new card until the last step of your turn (it doesn’t matter if you give it up freely or you cannot win a fight against them) – this is the idea behind it – kind of small penalty :)!
  3. You can use the GREEN / METAMORPHA’s ability ONLY for the movement steps – not for the jump/transfer itself. The jump cost you always 1 supply card extra (exactly like in your house rule though this is the main rule actually, written in the rule book of the Stormgates expansion – read again the section “MOVING A HERO TROUGH A STORMGATE”).
    So these are my thoughts, I hope I could help 🙂 a bit!