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Stephen asked 6 years ago

Hi just got the expansion and it is very fun so far. 
2 questions 
1 . I noticed the heroic mode in the expansion rule book it doesn’t include rules for interception mode but online you list it. Would you reccomend playing with interception abilities for the expansion 
2. Do the fortune cards get recycled? since thier are only 3 
Also the map is small for 2 or 3 players who want a longer game and more space
is their anything you could recommend?
do you think it would be wise to open up the whole board for 2 or 3 players or add the expansion area to the main board? 
Thanks so much! 

1 Answers
battalia Staff answered 6 years ago

Hello Stephen,
I’m so glad to hear that you enjoy the game…. and I’m so sorry for answering so late, but I was 400% occupied on the delivery front in the last weeks, so I neglected a bit the forum questions. Apologize for that 🙂 ! So my answers, better late than never:

  1. Interception was introduced as additional bonus idea online, which is very nice in its core, but needed further testing, because it could lead to more complicated situations. After testing we decided to exclude it from the official heroic mode in the rules in order to simplify a bit all things, since we added other new stuff… But feel free to test it and play it at home (you have the main rules anyway), we appreciate any feedback about it. If you are a real hardcore player like me I would recommend it in any case 🙂 !
  2. Yes, they should be always reshuffled after each use, you don’t discard them!!! They are only 3 (could left only 2 actually) and this is on purpose – we want to have a calculated small risk on that field (33% or even 50% chance to hit the card you look for).
  3. Oh yes – please try versions with the whole board or even with the extended board for 2-3 players, especially if you like longer, deeper games (we even described this option in the rules). We love that idea and plan to upload online different setups, but didn’t had the time for it till now, but it is on the to-do-list. Some of them work really good!Thanks for your questions and enjoy the game guys! Any feedback is appreciated in the Facebook group: