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Stephen Huggins asked 8 years ago

If someone hires the unbound buff does that nullify the bribe someone placed on the unbound buff in the same week? 
Also, with the new heroic mode can the red faction intercept without a weapon? 

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battalia Staff answered 8 years ago

Hi Stephen,
If Buff is hired, he is not anymore acting as an independent “wild element”, because somebody paid a higher price to have him as an additional hero support, so YES – this nullifies the bribe. The bribe is your solution only to get rid of Buff, as long as he is acting on his own, in case you do not have enough strength to fight him, or you have better ideas for the cards in your hand… Of course it’s up to you to play it otherwise (both is possible), important is to have consensus with your friends 🙂 !

Interception is not an “official” mode for now, so your opinion also counts and is important. I would say YES in general, because it is not violating another general rule of the hero sheets or whatever, but we have to test it, just to be sure… Normally we are trying to avoid exceptions, if not 100% necessary!

But in general – with the BIG!Expansion and all NPCs a lot of new stuff is coming and we would encourage the building and testing of house rules in those situation, because we do not want to make the rules too heavy 🙂 … A big pile of new combinations will be possible now, so feel free to test and to improvise with house rules and share your experience with us, we would always appreciate! The main thing is to have a lot of fun!

*Only if it comes to organized play and all sorts of future tournaments, we will publish the exact rulings for all possible situations.